Lucky Dogs Dice Game

A Strategic Dice Game That’s Howlin’ Good Fun!

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  • Ages6+
  • Players2-4
  • No ReadingRequired

Learning Skills

  • Strategy
  • Shared-decision making
  • Communication
  • Planning ahead

How to Play?

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Feeling lucky? Get ready to roll the dice and find out! In this cooperative dice game, players strategize together to match dice on the bone tiles to reveal the bones that spell LUCKY DOGS. Work together to reveal the words before you all end up in the doghouse! 

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Why Kids

Love This

This dice game pushes your luck and encourages strategic thinking. Players enjoy working together to spell out Lucky Dogs as a team!


  • 24 dice
  • 12 bone tiles
  • 1 doghouse tile


  • Inventor Susan McKinley Ross
    Art by Jim Paillot