The Fairy Game

Help the Fairies Save Their Garden!

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  • Ages5+
  • Players2-4
  • No ReadingRequired

Learning Skills

  • Strategy
  • Shared-decision making
  • Cooperation


How to Play?

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Mr. Winter is trying to freeze over the fairies’ treasured flowers! Players match Fairy Cards to gather the hidden Magic Gems before 4 snowflakes land on one flower. Special cards allow players to slow down Mr. Winter’s chill. Work together to fill the fairies’ magic wand and banish Mr. Winter from the garden!

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Why Kids

Love This

Kids work together to banish Mr. Winter from their beloved garden! Different card combinations keep the game fun and interesting.


  • Game Board
  • 4 Jewel tokens
  • 13 Snowflake tokens
  • 44 Snowstorm cards
  • 57 Fairy Garden cards


  • Inventor Shanon Lyon, Marisa Pena, and Colt Tipton-Johnson of Department of Recreation
    Art by Betsy Snyder