This or That?

The Party Game that Reveals the Real You!

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  • Ages10+
  • Players2-8
  • No ReadingRequired

How to Play?

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Paisley or plaid? Chocolate or vanilla? Text or call? It’s a game of favorites! One player picks a token with 2 options—Poodle or Pug? —and then picks his favorite. The other players try to guess the first player’s answer. Keep picking, keep playing and learn something new about someone you know!

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Why Kids

Love This

This or That! is an ice breaker that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is easy to travel and store, making it the perfect party game. You never know what your friend may have picked, creating lots of giggles and gasps!


  • 125 tokens
  • Game bag
  • Instructions


  • Inventor Susan McKinley Ross