What's It?

The Game Where Creative Minds Think Alike!

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  • Ages8+
  • Players2-6
  • No ReadingRequired


How to Play?

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It’s a party game, a family game and a guessing game where players try to think alike. Roll the die, flip a doodle card, flip the timer and guess what the doodle looks like in 30 seconds. If you guess like the other players, everyone wins.

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Why Kids

Love This

What's It? helps families use their collective brain power to beat the Doodler and win as a team. Cooperative games emphasize play and collaboration, not competition.

Check out this quick, how-to video


  • 150 doodle cards
  • 1 category die
  • 6 answer boards
  • 6 dry erase pens
  • 1 scoreboard
  • 1 30-second timer


  • Inventor Rosie Roberson and Joyce Johnson
    Art by Beach